Sunday, February 26, 2006

to fondly bid adieu

It is with our collective "regrets" that we pay homage to our fellow 'blog`r' "Joe Gola" as he makes his departure here, while we ALL wish him and his the very best regards then. Getting the "word" out upon this matter is foremost the BEST 'means' of obtaining leads for those who have to contend with such. I am constantly reminded upon this fact whenever I happen to 'see' some "commercial" about one of them many "Drug Companies" on "T V", while those tend to also bring up some discrepancies that I recollect as well. From when I first 'viewed' an episode from the "T V" series of "Barney Miller"-(probably in "rerun"), then the "issue" of the "Drug Companies" being in 'business' JUST for that 'aspect', while neglecting to create "cures"/'drugs' for the mostly RARE or even extreme 'cases' of maladies, was being 'discussed' within this. I really couldn't tell YOU how this has 'progressed' since then either, so should someone ELSE 'know', then by all means inform the rest of 'us' about that. The gist of the matter was that 'they' wanted to pursue the MOST "profitable" of these, so anything "affecting" people under a certain 'number' wasn't given as much "considerations" for their "R & D" staffs. What a "corporate policy" eh? Well, I'd also advocate "infecting" ALL of the "celebs" with a "disease du jeur" in order to bring much more "attentions" upon the little known 'kinds' that don't have some "official" backings for those. Hey, they don't 'seem' to matter much UNTIL they have 'affected' someone better 'known' than YOU or ME even!

So what IS "my problem" about this? I'll hereby 'declare' the ongoing "War on Ignorance" and it's an un-ending 'sort' of 'Conflict' with too many "casualties" and the 'bodies' piling up just about everywhere. NOBODY is 'safe' and we should have an "Alert Indicator" for this with such as the likes of a "lit lightbulb" at the TOP to indicate "Safest" down to the lowly and much maligned "dunce cap" announcing the "State of Decryance" and of which even the 'dumbest' can "relate" to as well. Of course, we'd even HAVE our very 'own' spokesperson in none other than the personage OF the "PREZ" of the 'dis-United States' here, so we's GOT 'that' going for 'us'! In addition, then there's the "policies" of 'his'n' in which "selling off" of whatever can 'be' SOLD, has reached NEW 'lows' that ought to "shame" the previous administration for decades & many to 'see'. Just HOW 'low' could they 'stoop'? Well, I wouldn't put it past 'them' to be able to "pickpocket" a 'midget'-("little person") with the greatest of ease, while I'd "rate" THEM as being between a "snake fart" and "earthworm droppings" on a 'scale' of LOWEST "forms", so that you get the general 'idea' for this.

There's an ongoing "topic of discussion" at the "Geek" upon 'designers' having some form of "expressing" themselves while "under the radar" of the BIG 'Companies'. Let's face it folks, 'they' will ONLY become "enamored" with some innovative 'design' ONCE that has "proven" to be 'profitable', and you can't really blame them for this! Even WHEN these have "appeared" to become ever the MORE "profitable" sorts, then what is WITH their 'attitudes' regarding this "reluctance" for providing those yet again? I'm specifically talking upon the likes of "We the People" or even "Hannibal: Rome VS Carthage" and many others that folks are clamoring FOR! Oh sure, someone will bring 'up' that perhaps some other "company" will be making a few of these available once again, just as soon as the "pigs emerging from posterior orifices" are a common & "everyday" 'occurance'.

Here's a "shout out" to "The Vintage Gamer" podcast, while with the most "au courant" 'episode' has to 'do' with the OLD "Diplomacy" game itself:
"The Vintage Gamer"
We certainly expect to 'see' and "give a listen" to many more of these as well, and "Good JORB!" too.

P.S.-I had to "update" this with a bit of "News" that I had discovered regarding a legendary 'figure' of which many are quite familiar with and this just happens to be "Pappy" Boyington of "Baa Baa Blacksheep" fame. Not too long ago at the "University of Washington" in Seattle, then a 'monument' to HIM was "voted down" by the majority of the "Ass. Stud.Un.Wash. Council Members"-(emphasis ON phallic 'members'), while a 'form letter' of DENIAL about the incident had also been 'issued' from none other than the "University President's" office as a followup! Here's the LINK to read further upon the matter:

"ruleof reason.blogspot"

Well, they ALL should 'make' excellent "Politicians" one day, as they're just following in the footsteps of many others who have trampled underfoot the select few who have made an ultimate 'sacrifice'-(in vain, no less it appears), just so that THESE 'people'-for lack of a "print friendly" description upon their "despicablenessiveitiousivity"-can preserve their 'decorum' of "pussyfied" existances! Sorry about some of my "FRANCELAND"-'speak' here. Yes, let us NOT "look up" to anyone who served their 'Nation' and the rest of the "freedom loving peoples" of the WORLD! Why everyone just 'knows' that had "Ghandi" or these 'people' been 'running' events, then those mean ole "Nazis" & "Fascisti" & "Japs" would have just gone HOME sad & dejected instead of trying to "take over" the 'World' eh? NOT in yours or theirs or our "lifetimes" quite yet right? Man, I'd say "sterilizations" are TOO 'good' for the likes of 'these'! They ought to become "instant organ donors" for anyone ELSE with a better "mindset" than these possess, as they're wasting their "precious existance" like a bunch of 'truffle-stuffed-shirts' that they are. Better still, have these folks 'perform' some "mine clearing duties" as a 'lesson' that they'll "learn", but just won't "learn from" such 'experiences' eh?
"Have a 'nice' life. . .that others 'bought & paid FOR' with their 'own'!"

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