Sunday, August 28, 2005


n addition to the usual 'fare', I'll drop something in here that is currently unavailable online for anyone else-except for one 'lucky' GEEK -YOU! There's a fairly 'local' guy I know who's into making his OWN 'line' of products and these are just a few of them, from probably HUNDREDS! They run the gamut from Historical to Fantasy & Sci-Fi, while they are 'metal-cast' and hefty for the bigger ones, and that adds to the COST for these as well. He has them in various 'scales' for the MINIS involved, such as even ''Micro Armor'' types of 'futuristic' proportions! The larger kinds could be used for close to 15mm gaming purposes, while the majority are scaled at 1/72nd with even some 'periods' not currently being covered by ANY company. That, in my 'book', makes it ever the sweeter to actually have met, and bought some of his 'stuff'. I noticed that on my last 'visit' to his site-before it became 'unavailable'-that even a few of the MINIS that I had gotten before, were NO longer being produced, of which I'd have liked to gotten more of these. I can't wait until this is online once again since I can't do HIM 'justice' with my descriptions for the fine details that he puts into each and every subject and topics that he has managed to create. For the most part, he's even slightly cheaper on price per 'pack' of them than the more 'esteemed' makers, while none of 'them' have anything akin to many of his OWN 'designs'! I will pay him homage in this and hope the best for his swift recovery on the betterment of gaming with MINIS for anyone who so desires.

Just past Friday I got to see up close of a British Armoured Car called the ''Ferret'' at a local junkyard! It was fully restored by the owner of the place while he keeps it 'on display' inside his lobby, and he even had it 'delivered' from merrye ole England himself. I couldn't believe this myself, and I got to 'turn the turret' and 'fire the Machine Gun' with my OWN 'noises' for such. I imagined battlin' the 'Arab Legion' in this, while I wonder how many would 'get that'? Back in the day, there was even Stugs still going to 'Battle' during these conflicts, as well as T34-85s, Shermans, etc. with many of them getting 'upgrades' as well. I was always 'fond' of the AMX-13 Tank just for its 'uniqueness' factor, which was one of our ''firing targets'' for practices on our 'Guns', when I was in the Army. If I could have my OWN ''Army Vehicle'', then what would I want?

One thing that I believe should be addressed at sites such as BGG, is that there become 'selective' kinds for ALL types of games. I know that there are many around as it is, but they're not even complete as they could evolve into. They ought to be getting the folks who can 'handle' the *specialty* sites to assist in this, while if they don't then who's to 'say' that WE just do 'such' on our OWN? The FRP/RPG people desire this within the confines of the BGG, or more likely to just 'be' associated for some reason. I mean, it IS ''Boardgame Geek'', so why not ''CCG Freak Geek'' or ''Euro-Freak Geek''? and ''Fantasy Freak Geek''? no, you're ONE! Then we could have our ''People's VOTE!'' from the various sites for their categories instead of however this is supposedly 'determined', of which of course then there's ALWAYS a 'much better' game that SHOULD have 'won'd!

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