Sunday, August 21, 2005

Shape of things to become

As a result of so many people expecting some MUCH from their "games companies", especially in regards to 'components' and the like, while the commensurate PRICES of them has 'sky-rocketed' as far as I'm concerned! Many are still 'reasonable' on this, while the lavish 'bits' for plenty also factor in on it as well, and comparing any to a ''Computer disc'' is ridiculae-(plural of ''ridiculous''-'my' word) to the extreme. I have waited on a few of the 'P C disc' games to become HEAVILY 'discounted' since I refuse to PAY out the 'wazoo' on ANY of these. YES I could be 'called' CHEAP by some, while I subscribe to the 'frugal' approach myself, as I've found very few ''disc'' games that I will continually 'play' and this is down to a handful now, thanks MOSTLY to this damm M-S 'X P' program. IF only I could 'send' a ''cyber LASER'' 'death'-shot at them 'M-S'-LIARS everytime that I have to 'watch' one of their ''commercials'', while there ought to be some sort of ''deceptive advertising'' counts leveled AT 'them'! Sure, you can go just about anywhere and listen to the complaints, so where's the 'Solutions'? This is also a 'response' about them 'puter folks and 'their' DISMAY(?) about the ''German'' gamers, or LACK of those in 'P-C'-disc games! Well, quit making the ''suXX0rs'' ones huh? They can't EVEN 'get me' to try out their latest since I don't wish to end up with another ''disc-coaster'' as I have plenty now as it is. ''Thanks 'Micro-Shat'!''

On a more positive *note* then, let's take this into another 'realm' and I'm talking 'bout CCGs! ''chut yo mout'' Yes, the 'dreaded curse' of the ''gaming industry''-as 'viewed' BY the rest of the NON-card-CCG 'gamers' and I 'mean' THIS in a 'good way'! I'm going to LEARN and PLAY a game for 'Review' called ''Mystical Empire''! Mainly DUE to my ''anti-CCG'' predisposition, it is a 'Challenge' for EACH of us involved to become 'addicted' to this, while we shall provide 'pointers' as we discover them. Oh yeah, I'll also have to dig out my ''Card CASTLE'' for 'this'! There WILL be photos so many will 'drool' while I shall RULE! In fact, there's been 'playings' of THIS at Gen-Con this weekend, so we'll have to compare our 'results' with many others. I've only 'played' the JYHAD-(Vampyre bla bla) game, and not EVEN some ''WW-2'' based kinds, so you can 'gauge' my particular level on INTEREST, but I would be honest about this. Now some of the other 'Players' that are very well acquainted upon these 'games', and DO have extensive 'experience' with the likes of MYTHOS, that 'M' one, Netrunner, etc. ad nauseum SO we'll have people familiar with the 'scope' of many others for comparisons. Now, if ONLY I could 'combine' this 'Game' WITH the ''Enemy in Sight!'' one...

For the more serious ''grognards'', then ole Joe Steadman of the ''Tom Vasel & that 'other' guy'' show known as ''the Dice Tower'', has declared a 'yen' for a COMBO 'game' with ''A House Divided'' AND ''Battle Cry!'' I'll be working on this in the meanwhile to bring about the 'correct elements' for an easy & simple VARIANT. Now, if ONLY those ''Eagle Games'' folks would get 'right in the HEAD' then I could MAKE 'theirs' ever the better to ALL's 'likings'! I don't have the ''Phalanx'' version of the ''A House Divided'' game, so I'm basing my OWN upon the GDW ones, while I even have some EXTRA articles from others that 'developed' them further! For the most part, there should be some 'print out' friendly components so that just about anyone anywhere could obtain these. While I also intend to keep any 'Battles' within the confines of a single 'gamemapboard' for this, which means that there could be some HUGE-sized 'Units' of 'Armies' for which they can't bring them ALL on at once, so those 'left-overs' are going to become ''Reinforcements''! For the folks with multiple 'Sets', then you could use them BUT don't count on 'it' when you encounter JUST a 'single game SET'.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever playtest that Mystical Empire game? I am seeing it all over the place in my area and I wanted to learn more from someone other than the manufacturer.