Sunday, August 07, 2005

GROG's 'Blog' with VARIANTs and their issuance

I have this VARIANT(well, actually MANY) based upon an edition of a 'current' game, of which MINE is vastly different overall and based ONLY upon the 'past' versions. I don't want to impinge upon any 'copyright' issues, since this would cover an older version that I have several copies of, as might many others. It is one of several that could become 'accessories' for these games, while their 'concepts' were actually DESIGNED by others and I've 'compiled' these into my OWN 'modified' creations. These will become 'attributed' to their AUTHORS in recognition of their OWN 'efforts'. For many true 'Grognards', then they'll instantly recognize them, since we're usually cognizant upon those that we've 'known' from long ago. I don't understand WHY it is that the 'BGG' is reluctant to permit these since they ARE 'designed' solely FOR these games', when the articles were FIRST 'written' UP concerning them!
In the 'words-&-voice-in-your-head' of "Mike Tyson", it IS "lewdacris"
Oh well, then folks can: "get their 'kicks' enroute with MY 'blix'!"

Since so many can 'see' who's written up and IS behind THIS(for those unable to view the 'author' then it IS "James Meldrum"!), isn't it considered as being very RELEVANT for the 'game' depicted? VOTE with your comment and let's SEE! In fact make a 'mention' about just ONE 'Game' associated with the 'author' as a part of an entry. Maybe even give different 'games' to count them up! Remember, 'he' ONLY has to be 'associated', for which it could include many. I'd be very "intuwrested" to 'gauge' the public's response on such, as there's plenty to go around if you JUST 'look'! I intend upon 'informing' the general public who're "in the want to know" HOW to enhance their games that they already have. This can take many 'chapters' of progressing from ONE 'concept' to another, especially where 'foreign terms' are unknown, etc. To deal with that, then 'Uni-Sets' could become introduced for varying LEVELS in which 'players' cared to delve into. I've seen this already in the 'model kits' and their 'level-1, etc. 'approach. Hey, some are even prepainted and just *snap* together, then *Violin!* you got the 'Voyager' spaceship or the 'Maquis' or the 'Kazon'. sweet!

As a pondering, I find it quite "a service" to the gaming community in 'general', when I INCREASE the 'interest' even in the 'elder titles', as some are just too darn FUN to resist. With this in 'mind', then I present still one more VARIANT. It combines what was written by a fellow 'GEEK' "C.Lake" a.k.a. 'zarathustra99', with extensive 'mods' by myself. Read his 'article' here to SEE just how it could 'look':

*LINK to article*

*NOTE*-if you're unable to 'click' on this LINK, then just copy its 'line' and place in the 'website address bar' for your 'browser' and then HIT 'enter' to take you to that.

You will be able to actually 'see' this depicted in its 'gamemap' FORM on my OWN 'Blog' in a day or '2', so keep on the "look-out" for this then. I'm going to create another 'blog' of my own so as to NOT clutter up this one with the TOO 'many' of which I can think of. There'll still 'be' EXCLUSIVES for this here, since I take it as a weekly 'respite' for some 'effective respondings'. As a wanton "shout out" to a fellow 'GEEK', then I'm starting mine up on August 8th-on HIS 'B-day'! Have a GREAT 'cold one' "Gilad"!(a.k.a.'ycylop'), and you should be 'hearing' of HIS "exploits" here soon I do believe?...


GROGnads said...

*NOTE*-if you 'click' on the photos for that VARIANT, then it should bring this UP in a seperate 'window', while you can then ENLARGE it to view it better. Afterwards, just use your 'back button' to return to its 'entry' at the BLOG. Let me know if this 'feature' worked properly for YOU as well, since I'd like to provide these types here for others to partake of and thoroughly ENJOY! Thanks

Janice said...

It's not unusual for me to have no idea what you're talking about, Grogbert, so I can't VOTE. No offense intended, k? In general, however, I think variety is the spice of life along with giving credit where credit is due.
I just wanted to let you know that I can enlarge the first page but the 2nd page that says "Z plan" doesn't enlarge. At least it didn't for me.

GROGnads said...

Hi Janice, and thanks for 'trying out' this, while sometimes you have to 'double click' upon the IMAGE(when you first 'click' on it) to make it become even 'bigger'. Anyway, in answer to yours and probably many others 'queries', I'm 'saying' that THIS 'Variant' isn't permitted to BECOME included with its related GAME on the 'BGG' site! WHY? Many folks would and should encourage 'them' to allow for it, OR I could 'write it UP' myself and that'll "teach 'em!", so they truly 'need' to "step UP to make this available" or "step OFF when I have to submit MY 'version'!" for it and any others. YEAH, and I'll gladly 'do it', JUST to "piss 'em OFF"! So, 'p.o.'d' or 'p.on'd', URINE "GROG-sights" and he's been drinking massive amounts of 'coffee' for just 'such' an occasion heh heh heh!...

Gnomehome said...

Both pictures work fine for me.

About adding content to BGG - it just works in mysterious ways.

I think the BGG site is a marvelous resource built by a huge community, and just like every large community, it has some problems on occasion. What is permitted for one user is not for another - I've learned to live with it.

Tanrec said...

Well, I don't really know anything about copyright issues, so I cannot comment about that. Whether or not there are problems with this is not for me to say, so my comment here does not deal with that subject.

I do however, believe that BGG is about providing information and conversation about games, as well as increasing the gaming experience. I'm in favor of houserules, variants and improvements, as I find them necessary in certain games. I can't see a problem with you uploading such variants under the respective game pages. So I support you on this one GROGnads.