Sunday, August 14, 2005

So far Travels & Travails

Hello all and I am HERE now, after an ordeal that would 'make' another DESPAIR, but I didn't allow IT to interfere. I've just been dropped off at HOME, since my vehicle 'broke't down', on a TEST 'Run' that IT 'failed', and this requires a 'replacement part'. How's y`alls 'day' goin`? But it was STILL a "fantasifestiful" DAY for 'moi'. I got to GO 'Thrift Store Conniving', and you gonna hear of this, since YES I 'managed' to get "broke't down" AFTER the 'shopping', ha HA!

yes, so far now I'm relaxing finally with the 'spoils' of the DAY, and quite the 'booty' on such AS today. We'll allow 'some' the time now to DREAM of what I 'got'! Okay, anything of a 'Game' relation? Who among ya 'asked' this? Yes, YOU were 'correct'! but what 'kind'? WRONG! But those who 'said' CARDS was close, like in 'Grenades & Horseshoes' but NO 'Cigar, my friend'.

Now, for some NON-game related items, a 'marguerita' glass with a 'siesta man' as part of this! A 'Coca-Cola Polar Bear'~stuffed & mini-sized a-huggin` the glass with a 'Heart'-shaped 'Coke' symbol. Then there's the 'Coca-Cola 2002 Olympics Glass' to join the many other items of this kind. Who else HAS a 'Coke' "disc-Camera", but "sew solly" there won't not nor be none but NO "film at 11 or anytime" As another 'game item', then some sort of 'foreign' type game "quat bien" since I get to ENTER this into the DB here w00t! One last 'game item' and I got "Babylon 5 Wars" COMPLETE, while I don't 'wish' to MAKE some 'cry' if I said for 'how much'!

Oh yeah, I even got a "Cisco Kid" DVD with '4' episodes on this! and a *Bonus Cartoon* too!
"quint bien!" Not a bad "GROGaugustFEST!" day except for the heat & whatever.

Well I forgot a 'part' in my RUSH to get this out, so here's a BONUS for 'us', as I got this really nice Japanese 'Sake set' with 'servor & '2' cups' in this, while at HALF-off, since 'tags' of that COLOR were, at this moment, which 'made' me want it even MORE then!

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Melissa said...

So glad that Fraser and I are not the only people to buy weird games just because we could enter them into the database at BGG :)