Saturday, November 11, 2006

Top 10 reasons NOT to go to BGG.con

10. 17 hours on a plane is 17 hours you are not on BSW.

9. All the Super-Deluxe-Advanced Civilisation games are too short.

8. The game library is too small.

7. People you know on the internet are not people. They are computers posing as people with little fake avatars. This myth can be prolonged as long as you are not in the same room as the computer.

6. The myriad bloggers and photo-posters updating regularly make you feel like you are there anyway.

5. Who needs free game give-aways?

4. Someone said it would be boring. (OK, they weren't a gamer and had never been to BGG ... but still ...)

3. We have Irish Pubs and Mexican food in Australia, too.

2. Essen games are so widely available in Australia, who needs to go overseas to play them?

1. Derk in a catsuit.


Gerald McD said...

Very good, very good. Unsupportable rationalization carried to a high level.

huzonfirst said...

I realize you have nothing to compare it with, but can you really get decent Mexican food Down Under?

> 1. Derk in a catsuit.

Swell. That image alone should be worth 13 consecutive sleepless nights. Thanks, Melissa!

ekted said...

You forgot to terminate your /BITTER tag. :)

Melissa said...


Larry, if ever we make it over there I will get you to introduce me to "good" Mexican food :)

I'm not bitter. Just insanely curious.