Tuesday, November 28, 2006

32 Things to do with the Monopoly Game your aunt unthinkingly gives you this Christmas

1. Donate to a children's hospital or shelter.
2. Salvage the components and use them to create a prototype.
3. Return for store credit.
4. Combine with previous versions you received to build a fort.
5. Recycle to built a tree house.
6. Shred for wall insulation.
7. Stack and take pictures to sell collection on eBay.
8. Place under other games on floor of cellar to prevent water damage to better games.
9. Create collage around house.
10. Compare and analyze version differences, write up paper, and submit for thesis.
11. Play with GG's variant, or make up one using my Rejuvenation post.
12. Wrap in paper and leave as bomb scare; watch as police blow it up.
13. Use pieces to decorate tree or kid's dioramas.
14. Look up place-names in Atlas/Encyclopedia and learn something.
15. Cut out places to use as table doilies or cup coasters.
16. Shred money to use as pillow stuffing.
17. Use money as alternate currency for doing household chores or for school events.
18. Place on floor while painting.
19. Place under car wheels for getting out of ditch.
20. Use to fan Barbecue grill; or for kindling.
21. Plant in your garden; ask neighbor to borrow weed wacker to remove weeds.
22. Cut into strips to make maze for your pet rat "George".
23. Wet and roll into vases.
24. Sew together to make Halloween costume, including pieces for earrings.
25. Wet and press into blocks to make path in garden.
26. Strengthen bottom of cardboard boxes.
27. Repack good game into boxes and send to game geek friends as joke gift.
28. Use boxes to store office supplies.
29. Use minis for role-playing games ("And then the giant shoe takes a five foot step ...")
30. Stack pieces on other side of room; throw dice in air and use boards to bat them into the pieces.
31. Give to children of neighbors you don't like in order to create discord.
32. Regift to aunt next year.



Coldfoot said...

33. Duct tape the board into a tent shape for the cats to play in.

Nice list, Yehuda. Numbers 8 and 19 almost make me wish I owned a copy. :)

Gerald McD said...

Excellent! Should be enclosed with every Monopoly game sold -- better yet, should be taped to the outside of every Monopoly box, like a warning label.