Monday, November 13, 2006

More GoVF teasers

In my estimation the Gathering of Virtual Friends (BGG.CON) was a smashing success. I had more fun in Dallas than I have ever had at any time with my clothes on. Those of you who missed it need to make it a point to attend next year.

Looking through my photos I realize that I don't have several that I thought I had. The best picture that I can't find was a photo of Derk. For background, various people at the con had ribbons under their name badge. There were director ribbons, vendor ribbons, sponsor ribbons and several others. Derk was wearing a rainbow of ribbons. He was wearing more ribbons than a Mexican general, however... the few times I saw Derk he carrying around a trashbag and asking people for their for garbage.

Here are a few photos that did turn out.



The other photo that I can't find is the one of Michael Chapel. Michael looks absolutely nothing like I had envisioned. No, he is not a hideous John Kerry look alike, as you might have guessed, but even Michael told me that he had other people tell him the same thing.

It is late. I just got home from the con, and I need to get to bed. Just allow me to thank Aldie, Derk, and the numerous other organizers and volunteers for the event. It was a smashing success.


ekted said...

You can't photograph Michael, nor can you see his reflection in a mirror. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mike is evil. Don't trust him!

Here's a more recent picture of him trying to look like he's actually giving his move a lot of thought:

Anonymous said...

Oops. Those links are cut off. Let's try this:

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure meeting at BGG. Hope to see you next year. We can make a date for a game of Queen's Gambit. (by the way, there are 12 window ledge cards.)

Melissa said...

Wow, Chaddyboy looks exactly like I would have expected!

Big nose and moustache and all ;)

Anonymous said...

HAHA...I'm only half as Evil as people perceive me to be! ;)