Sunday, November 27, 2005

NEWS of the Day

There have been several developments that have transpired since I commenced to begin writing this today, such as the creation of the "BoardGameNews" site with Rick Thornquist as the managing editor on that! For many, then this is a welcome 'relief' as it keeps the ole 'Rickster' upon the ''gaming scene'' for their reading fulfillment requirements. I'll place the LINK to that here as well, while we should be soon adding that upon our ''site LINKs'' here too:

You may have to 'copy & paste' that for the time being as I'm not certain if this LINK will show up for 'clicky' response once I've 'published' this entry. I wish the folks over there on the 'site' the very BEST regards for this, as I'm certain that others join with me in this sentiment. If I'm not mistaken, then they may even be taking 'content' contributions from plenty of other 'authors', with considerations given for those who have a decided 'preference' by others.

The next 'item' on this subject is a ''call-out'' for some 'Playtesters' to aid the folks at the ''Deer Valley Game Company'' with their upcoming release of ''The Gettysburg Campaign'' game! It is based upon the BLOCK-style of games and looks very impressive for this 'effort', while not too many 'Battle Campaign' games in this genre are currently available. This appears to be akin to the ''Napoleon'' game in its presentation, with a few NEW 'twists' provided in it that will distinguish itself from any others. Here's the LINK to their site then:

As I mentioned before, then you may have to 'copy & paste' that IF it doesn't become 'clicky' here. It'll certainly be a welcomed 'addition' to these sorts of GAMEs, while providing yet another ''feather in their cap'' for those folks as well. These are the 'guys' who also created their ''SQUARES-the Civil War Battle Game'', and if you check into them further, then you'd also take note that there are some VARIANT articles and 'addendum' for other games that they've done too.

Now, on to my 'own' announcement about the creation of the ''GLOGs''!
While this will mean: ''a Gaming Log'' and is a 'means' for doing just that! I've created the first of these on its seperate 'locale' with several 'items' in that for the time being. I expect other GAME additions for this when I can provide them, and it is a great method to 'display' YOUR own 'playings' in this fashion! Here's the LINK then, with the same 'precaution' about its 'clickyness':

Those shown on the 'site' provide just about ALL that you'll need to know about them, IF you're already familiar with the basic GAME that they are based upon. There could even become actual ''Boardgames'' created from THIS, with the 'right' amount of motivation from many others who'd care for such. The GAME 'bits' are even STILL being produced by ''XENO'' of Canada, while with enough persuasion, then maybe they'll put together an entire SET of theirs for others to use in these shown so far. I have several other 'notions' that I'm entertaining, as well as what I've created thus far, and when I believe those to be ready in ''consummation'' for 'display' purposes, then I'll provide them as well.

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