Sunday, November 20, 2005

The latest in GAME expounding & expanding!

For some of YOU that may have taken the time and looked over a little 'workings' of mine elsewhere, then I present this HERE now, and fully available for anyone's 'purposes'. Yes, I'd finally finished THIS little 'project' and so I bring it up for ALL to partake of and use(if you want), once they've printed out and/or 'created' the necessary components for such. Just WHAT I'm going 'on' about is the "Expanded Order of Battle" for "the Russian Campaign" 2nd/3rd editions game! This was derived from many others 'efforts' in enhancing the 'game' with their ways & means for it, while I've done the 'stuff' that you do see here on that! Here they are then and you can decide for yourself what you think of it.

I tried to cover ALL of what was 'desired' and from what I'd gleaned concerning this matter over the decades, with some other considerations of my own. In case you're wondering about the duplicate "Soviet" Units, then I've provided BOTH 'sets', with one of these having 'white' SET UP numbers, and another with 'black' ones to distinguish them from ''regular'' GAME counters. There's even some ''Weather'' notation markers to help keep track of that aspect, as well as some 'extra' RAIL markers in case anyone needs them. For the most part, then it IS a ''labor of love'' for such a venerable 'gaming partner' and excellent GAME overall, of mine, and for others too I'd believe. Everything regarding THIS should be 'covered' or explained enough upon the CHARTS, while you'd follow the ''regular'' game's RULES as well. I've been wanting to try this out myself and since I don't mind what little time and materials it would take to create this, then I hope others will enjoy it as much as I expect to. I'm sure there'll be some folks who need a bit more 'prodding' to convince them to give it a 'go', while I already have been 'convinced' with the notions presented here, and especially as it should provide additional 'playings' thusly.

There are many another's 'leanings' upon their ''favorite'' games, and we ALL should welcome their efforts in these regards. It doesn't necessarily mean that you HAVE to like them, but at least someone is displaying their 'devotion' for that-or some such-while providing additional musings for our collective 'amusements'.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Groggy, you know I don't know crappy-poo about wargames ... except that my father spent an inordinate amount of his life playing them and then said "Mother of all Cardboard, that was time well spent !" (OK, I made up the stuff about Mother of all Cardboard, cuz all that was pre-Iraq.) But your labor here shows that wargames are just as lovable as any other object of our affection. (See, I love trains, for example, and have sometimes been heard to emit a spontaneous "choo-choo" for no apparent reason beyond pure joy !) So, man, I love your charts and counters. There is joy there !