Saturday, July 28, 2007

An abecedary of alliteration

One device that always gets my attention is alliteration. Also making up nouns from adjectives (well abecedarian is a word, so ...)

Here are some alliterative clues - which of these games sound familiar? No prizes, only bragging rights.

Assorted acrobatic animals achieving altitude (on an alligator)
Bulls and their buddies bumping buckets
Crocodiles chewing on clueless characters
Desert-dwelling dromedaries dying in the dunes
Elephants entering empty enclosures
Fragments of France, in formation (with farmers!)
Greedy gentleman gobbles and glugs
Hospitals help health - handicap harbour's habitants
Inuits in igloos? Inconceivable!
Jousters jump in jeopardy
Knight keeps king safe
Lordly landlords leverage lakes and libraries
Monster menaces many - moves, moans, munches
Naughty neighbours nick, never negotiate
Office obviates "only" obligation
Prince's prone paramour pained by pea!
Queens' quiescent quietude
Reckless rabble receive recessed riches.
Start: select, stack, select, stack, select, stack, smash! select, stack, smash! select, stack, select, stack ... score.
Travel to towns! Take tickets - take train.
Unholy undertakers unearth unsavoury undead
Vulch vanquishes vacuum
Which witch is which?
Zoological zealots zig-zag zones

There may, obviously, be multiple answers to some questions.




Smatt said...

Fragments of France... :)

Nice puzzle, Melissa.

Anonymous said...

I love puzzles like this... Nice job.