Sunday, March 05, 2006

"Tactics & Strategy" of 'development': the Watching

WELL, I certainly DO have some "grognardian" developments of which I'll be most happy to share here! From the fine folks over at 'Worthington Games', then they have "For Honor and Glory" featuring '10'-LAND 'Battles' of the "War of 1812" (and based upon their previous 'design' for "Clash for a Continent"), along with their "Forged in Fire: the 1862 'Peninsula' Campaign" covering "McClellan's" ambitious 'plan' to capture the "Secessionist's" Capitol during the "American Civil War"-BOTH of which are available even now. While for their "in the works", then they have "The Cowboys: Way of the Gun"-projected 'release' for "Summer `06"; "Blood of Noble Men: the Alamo"-projected 'release' for "Fall/Winter `06"; "Wars for America Series Part III: the Mexican American War"-(also based upon "Clash for a Continent")-projected 'release' slated for LATE `06-EARLY `07; and "For Queen and Country: the ZULU Wars"-(somewhat 'based' upon "Clash for a Continent" albeit on a much smaller scope for the actual 'Units' involved) and slated for LATE `06-EARLY `07. Here's a LINK to their "website":
"Worthington Games"
The last '4'-mentioned "Games" are upon their "Pledge LIST" and you can 'pre-order' those at quite the considerable "savings" for them, while you won't even be REQUIRED to submit your "Credit Card" information for this! Around '4' to '6' weeks PRIOR to actual "shipping" for them, THEN you are kindly 'asked' for "payment" upon those that you have expressed an interest upon. You can also partake of their "Forums" while following along those "in development" with the LINKS for those upon their 'site' too. Oh yeah, and be certain to 'wear' your "Pledge PIN" upon your 'uniform' for some "extracurricular" stable activities!

The next fine folks are from "Khyber Pass Games" with their "Battle of the Little Bighorn" concerning the "7th Cavalry & Custer"!-(along with the rest of the 'cast'). That has always been a great 'topic' of interest for myself and many others, no matter what their dispositions may consist of about the underlying "Tactics & Strategy" of the belligerents. They also have some "games in development" that take a different 'tack' for their 'subjects'. One of these is called as "The Battle of Tonga 1914" and is set within "Imperial German East Africa" with some tactical aspects for this. Then there is the "Battle of the Rosebud"-and NO it is not a 'fight' over WHO 'gets' to 'use' that damm "sled" of movie fame! This actual 'Battle' took place
on June 17th, 1876, just over a week prior to the demise of "Custer" and around half of his 'Command' during the very same 'Campaign'. It was a portent of what the U.S. Army would be encountering that particular year, unlike what they were previously 'used to' when taking on their erstwhile "Native American" opponents. I am particularly 'interested' in THIS 'Battle', as not too many have even deigned to tackle the subject matter since the "7th Cavalry" GAME had done so, way back almost 30-years ago! Then they also have "Prairie Aflame!" and it is NOT for "World in Flames" you one-track-minded "numbwits", as this covers the 1885 'Rebellion' in "Northwest Canada" instead. These are also upon their "Pledge LIST" for those who are interested in them, and check them out when you can. I'm not certain just exactly WHAT their 'policy' is for "pledging" so you will need to contact them upon such matters. You can also join in on their "Forums" with LINKS for those from their "website" and here's the LINK for that as well:
"Kyber Pass Games"
One important 'aspect' I shall make mention upon is that they ARE a "desktop publisher", but don't let this dissuade YOU from delving further into these, as they seem to be of the utmost higher 'quality' companies out there, while these have been increasing their "street cred" in recent years.

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