Friday, March 10, 2006

Count Your Blessings

I was going to post an audioblog and an audioblog primer today. Fortunately for the readers of Gone Gaming the gods of blog boredom intervened and I was unable to post anything this morning. I kept getting a message saying you are unable to connect to Blogger, click here to try again, please.

I picked my kids up from school this afternoon and headed over to “Ice Alaska” home of the “World Ice Art Championship”.

The weather was brisk to say the least, but ideal for ice art. My four and six year-old had to go to the snack shop 2x to warm up with some hot cocoa, but I completely filled my digital camera with 66 pictures and was wishing I had more space. I decided to scrap the audioblog primer and upload some pictures of ice art. Hope you enjoy it.

Competitors in the multi-block competition were still putting the finishing touches on their sculptures. Teams were from all over the world. Russian (or some Russian sounding language of eastern European origin) was probably the prominent non-English language I heard spoken this afternoon by the various teams.

The single block competition was over. Yes, those sculptures, some of which are ten feet tall (3 meters) were sculpted from a single block of ice.

The “Kiddie Park” is generally the busiest part of “Ice Alaska”. It was too cold for the teardrop spinners to spin, but there was no shortage of slides. There was an ice slide every 20 feet.

I haven't been to Ice Alaska for several years, but I am glad I went and even more glad that I remembered to bring my camera. Forgetting the camera is a classic, patented Coldfoot move.



Shannon Appelcline said...

Brrr. And I thought it was cold out here today, with the snow level predicted to drop to 500 feet.

Coldfoot said...

Very cool (no pun intended). I'm glad you remembered your camera!

Fraser said...

A slide made from ice - that is just so weird to someone who comes from a city where it doesn't snow (we are expecting 36C [96.8F] tomorrow).

Those sculptures are fantastic, thanks for the pictures.

Melissa said...


And brrrrr.

I can't quite get my head around the coldness required for those sculptures.

gamesgrandpa said...

Now, I've seen some nice ice sculptures, but nothing to compare to those you photographed and posted. Amazing! Thanks for sharing them.