Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GoneGaming features in Wall Street Journal "BlogWatch"

Welcome to new readers of Gone Gaming who have followed the link from the Wall Street Journal.

We are a team of around 10-12 games enthusiasts who enjoy sharing our passion with others. New posts appear every 2 days or so and feature a wide range of games-related topics.

Here are some posts that might interest you - or explore the tags on the side to find more!

New Gamers: Don't Worry, that's normal! - the passion for trying (and buying) new games (Mary)

Gaming Saturation - "I'm finally at a point in my life where I can honestly say I don't feel like I have time I'd rather trade in for more boardgaming." (Matt)

Tie Breakers - ways to break scoring ties at the end of a game - what makes the most sense? (Shannon)

When the goal is to participate - including younger children in family boardgames (Melissa)

A real gaming controversy - where gaming and the real world collide (Kris)

School Games Night the Second - a community-building family boardgames night at a primary (elementary) school (Fraser)

You might be a gamer if ... - if you recognise yourself in any of these sayings (Mary)

Hated Questions - questions that game store owners secretly dread being asked (Aaron)

Games in the Classroom - a report on a classroom games day for 9-11 year olds (Melissa)

Ted Cheatham and the Road to Silk Road - an interview with a game designer (Kris)

The Backwards Brain Teaser Game - something to play at home (Smatt)

Arthur, Arthur! - Arthurian legend in games (Shannon)

Tournament Games - a discussion of how games can be used in tournaments (Fraser)

Lightweight and Feeling good - some lighter weight (simpler) games (Matt)

Gardner and the Multiple Intelligences of Boardgames - applying Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences to boardgames (Melissa)

A Cribbage Tale - playing a master (Smatt)

Collectibles on your game table - games that don't end with one purchase (Aaron)

Board Game => Card Game - when boardgames are adapted (Mary)

Five Game Design Dont's - what NOT to do (Shannon)

Beyond Nickels and Dimes - a different way to look at "games played" (Matt)

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