Thursday, September 06, 2007

Penultimate Farewell / Old Puzzler / New (and Last) Biweekly Puzzler

My time with Gone Gaming is coming to an end, though I will continue to be a part of the on-line gaming community. This is my penultimate post, and as such, I will keep things on the short end so that this whole thing will be little more than a blip.

My partner Annie and I are moving to Guinea, West Africa, which is where we met in the Peace Corps over seven years ago (started dating six years ago). We have had little contact with our friends and family in Guinea during our time away, and we're excited (and have been for quite some time) to return.

But we have to move from our place in Missoula first.

We have been scrambling to sell things and get the house ready for the next tenant. I can't really remember cleaning the house this well, even for us. We've been really getting rid of things, clothes from high school, useless things we've lugged around. It's been nice.

But I had a little slip-up that I think many of the users here will appreciate.

I logged a decent table on Craigslist. I wrote the description fast and without really pausing to digest what I was writing. When I went back to proof what I had written, I found a glaring difference between what I wanted to write and what I actually wrote. I wrote.

"Moving Sale! Nice round table with leaf for $20! Table accommodates four players, six with leaf. Contact us now!"

Ah, this life with games. Is there any other hobby like it? I think not.





Old Puzzler Q & A

Q: Name a word which uses the letters E, L, S, V. One letter appears four times, one three, one two, and one once. What is it?

A: (given first by Dave Peters) SLEEVELESS


New (and Last) Fortnightly Puzzler

There are four words that are commonly seen together that I had to see a few times while we've been moving. If you delete various letters and put the remaining letters together WITHOUT REORDERING THEM, you get the following phrase:


The word breaks are different, and the total letter count of the original is 25. What are the four words?

*As always, I enjoy hearing the answers via email. If you solve it, please refrain from posting directly on the site. If you feel the urge, write with the answers. I'll post the name of the first person to respond. Thanks!


Coldfoot said...

Good luck. I now have one less reason to visit Missoula.

Not that I have in the last 3 years.

Smatt said...

Thanks, Coldfoot. I appreciate that.

By the way, I seem to remember that you play or played a ton of Tichu games on-line. I just learned the game lately, and it is simply the best. I only wish I had figured out sooner what you had.