Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Good News/Bad News

Here in the lovely Black Hills of South Dakota, it looks and feels like Spring is here; the grass is turning green, the bulbs are flowering, the honeysuckle and apple tree are coming back from their winter’s rest and the temperatures recently are anywhere from cool to down-right hot. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that this means there are lots of chores to be done. Anyone who owns a home knows how long that list can be and the more you do, the more things you think of that need to be done. The result is there’s less time to play games and so little energy left in your tired body that you can’t even work up the desire to set up a game.

I recently bought Combat Commander since I couldn’t deny the inner child in myself any longer. Actually, the game was my 25th Wedding Anniversary gift from my husband. Anyway, I’ve gotten to play through the sample game twice—once with our friend, Mike, when he dropped by the day after I got it; and once with my husband, Richard—and the first scenario once with Richard. From that little bit of experience, we all agreed we liked it. There are a lot of rules to deal with, many which are easily forgotten in the heat of battle, but at its core, it’s not that complicated. I like the hand-management even though, or maybe because, it’s very different from the command & colors system.

I’ve been anxious to play again ever since but life keeps interfering. Don’t you hate that!? Work and exhaustion have kept us from setting it up and really getting into it. I’m dying to delve into it and explore the different scenarios, and become comfortable with the game play but no…the yard needs to be raked/watered/mowed/seeded/fertilized, the bikes (motorcycles, that is) have to be maintained, the dishes/washing/dusting/vacuuming have to be done, and my husband has to go to work and earn money. What a nuisance!

All of that just to explain why I don’t have something interesting for you to read today. Maybe next time. Until then, I hope you get more game time in that I do!



Gerald McD said...

But, admit it --- you love the flowers and yard work, too, Mary. I do understand what you are saying, of course. My yard has areas that could use a trim right now, and some flower beds need some cleaning out, and, and, and, ---- but, I'm still trying to work in some gaming time. I played some 2-player games yesterday with citizen k (BGG) and will go to our West Denver Gamers night tomorrow, will play family games Saturday, and we may have an all-day WDG group gaming on Sunday. I'm trying to get my gaming "fix", before I have to start all that yard work!

Coldfoot said...

(growling pirate smiley) No buds here. I just got the snow shoveled off my roof. It's supposed to get above freezing this weekend. We'll see. It's -15 as I write this very early Friday morning.