Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Join Me On Tranquility Island

Supper is finished and cleared away, the heat of the day slowly slides into the cool of the evening and the tension of another busy day passes from our thoughts. We take a small box out to the back porch and sit at a wrought-iron bistro table, the dog lying at our feet. The sounds of the world are distant and muffled except for an occasional bird calling to its mate. Even the usual South Dakota wind is at rest.

The lid slides quietly off of the box and I pull out the beautiful pieces to set before us. A cat pushes his way through the pet door, stretches and takes a moment to survey the territory before ambling down the steps to take up a watchful position on the patio.

Click, click, click. The pieces make a pleasant, comforting sound when they bump. A blue jay swoops in for a drink at the bird bath so we stop to watch both the bird and the cat. But peace reigns for this moment and the bird flies off to continue his bird life.

Soon the phone may ring or the dog may find something to bark at but for this short while, the back yard is our island where the world does not interfere.
Until next time, may you all have a tranquil island to enjoy.



Gerald McD said...


Savor those moments.

Coldfoot said...

There are no cats on Tranquility Island.

Coldfoot said...

Are you sure?! Maybe it was a ferret on stilts.